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EMAIL ME TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE, 30 MIN PHONE/VIDEO EXPLORATION CALL! Each course is created on an individual basis, unique to YOU. Further details below.

Inspired Writing Playshop
4 weeks


My favorite way of receiving guidance for myself is "brain-free" writing. If "channeled" or "automatic" sounds scary or hard- allow me to show you how easy it can be, when we get out of our own way, and surrender! Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition are our friends, and allowing them to drive the car opens up channels that perhaps have been taking the back seat. In this course we will practice putting the thinking mind in a box for later! 

Each week will be a new focus, as a way of inviting in messages from the many sources of help we all have available to us. You'll be surprised how powerful this tool can be for healing, activating elevated awareness, and fostering expansion in all areas of the day to day human life! You don't need to a "good" at writing or spelling- the message is in the words, regardless of skill level. :)

This course will help guide you in receiving written messages from your Prism Self, Wild Animals, Guides, and the song of the Natural World.

* Once a week, 45- minute  Zoom/Skype Sessions

* New practical exercise each week for homeplay.

 Animal Communication Exploration
4 weeks or 8 weeks

Whether you're curious as to your companion animal's feelings, or wish to communicate with The Wild Ones- understanding how THEY give and receive information opens up a whole new, amazing world! Remembering the Universal Language of Love-and how we ALL speak this- doesn't need to be complicated. It takes patience, practice, and trust- but it's already there, inside us all. The animals have so much to teach us, and they understand much more than we tend to think. This course is open to super-newbies, as well as anyone wanting to strengthen/deepen their communication skills.

*Weekly 45 min Zoom/Skype Sessions

*Personalized weekly exercises

* Practice Readings


Psychic Soul Exploration
4-weeks or 8 weeks

Real talk. The world needs YOU to step into your Natural Gifts! Do you feel that "pull of purpose", but don't quite know how to strengthen your connection to- and understanding of- these gifts? Are you finding it hard to focus on yourself spiritually, in a way that brings progress? Is the Universe giving you a map of clues that you feel would benefit from having an outsider's perspective? In this 4 week/8 week exploration, together we work on diving deeper into your own unique magic, with each week's  "workouts". 

*Initial 1 hour  Zoom/Skype session to go over where you're at in your journey, and where you'd like guidance. 

*Weekly 20 minute sharing sessions, to touch base before the next week's exploration begins.

*8 week exploration includes two 1-hour sessions, at week 1 and week 5.*

*  I am given these exercises through  your Guides, and my own Helpers. All are intuitively created just for you with intentions of only your highest good and positive spiritual expansion.

Beginner's Mediumship Exploration


4 weeks or 8 weeks $200/$400

The world of Spirit can be heard, felt, seen, tasted, smelled, and known when we open up and work out the "telephone line" we all have. Do you feel called to do so? This private mentorship is for those who have faith in the continuation of life, but want some guidance in their understanding of their own unique way of connecting. This requires a lot of self work, but the rewards are invaluable. Contact me for a consult call, and we can put together the best timetable for your learning style. 

* Weekly 45 minute Zoom/Skype Sessions

*Personalized weekly exercises 

*Practice Readings

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