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Hi! So happy you have come to sniff out The Ladybug Line!

I welcome you as a fellow Seeker,  and look forward to our explorations together.

I offer readings in person, by phone, email, and zoom video sessions.

Mission Statement

The Ladybug Line's mission is to provide guidance, insight, inspiration, and a fuller awareness of The Pure Self.

Through Psychic Readings, Spirit Messages, and the creative Magic of the Natural World, I am honored to help shine a light on the magic that is available to us all, when we believe. 

My Story

Many stories such as mine begin with having that "inner knowing" as a child. An undeniable awareness that there's so much more to the natural world than immediately presents. As we all grow into adulthood, it's easy to forget the magic., or put it on a back-burner. But, when the universe calls upon you- and is persistent enough to convince you it's indeed now the time to step into your true power- you answer! So, here I am!

I am, in a nutshell, a Psychic Intuitive & Spirit Communicator. This includes loved ones (animals, humans) that have transitioned out of their Earth-Life, Spirit Guides in the "Unseen Realms", and The Song of the Natural World whispering it's support through the Vibrations of Life. 

 We ALL have gifts. I'm no earth angel or anything, trust me. I am just a girl who finally got tired of waiting to let my Whole- Self- Flag fly. I have spent years exploring, to understand what MY unique gifts are- so I can best help others explore their OWN special magic.

I want to create a space for everyone to feel not only safe and comfortable being themselves- but EXCITED to let ALL their colors shine. 

My journey here has taken 37 years, and boy is it true what they say- the more you know, the more you know how much you DON'T know! I have taken over 200 lengthy courses on Psychic Development, Animal Communication, Mediumship, and  Natural Spirituality - all with exceptionally esteemed professionals from all over the United States, the U.K., and Europe. I will never stop taking classes as long as the opportunity is available! The thirst for expansion is what drives me. I know there is always room for growth in any direction.

Through this, I have found what feels most natural to ME,  and- most welcoming to the Spirit World.

Embracing- and allowing in-

the healing power of PLAY into my "work" 

has been a key aspect in finding my own special path.. So, fair warning- we might have some fun! :)  


I truly believe it's not only possible- but important- to shine a more empowering light on the way Consciousness, Death, and Dying is understood in our current world. It is, undeniably, the most painful part of this life- and in shifting our understanding of what "living" can mean, we can instead begin to view these inevitable outcomes as a continuation in each Being's journey to self-discovery, and inner peace. 

I am blessed with having parents who also travel the spiritual road. Who

have watered my garden with support and wisdom in my search for the confidence to believe in myself. I have to admit- the Waldorfian upbringing I didn't really appreciate at the time ( I wanted junk food and to play Nintendo like "regular kids"!) never left me and- now that I'm "grown"- the best way to truly show my appreciation is to help keep that child-like wonder alive -in a world that

makes it pretty damn difficult sometimes!

With an open heart, I happily invite you to come explore with me. 


"Marisa is a highly accurate intuitive and psychic. Her readings for me were spot on with my career and personal issues in my life. The readings were specific, helpful, and relevant to the areas I had questions about. She's a very compassionate, caring person and creates a safe space to ask personal questions and receive guidance and healing."

                     -Jeanette Hill

                 Portland, Oregon 

"Marisa is a very talented and gifted Psychic Medium. She was able to connect with my mother's spirit and bring forth her very essence in a reading. Marisa was able to share evidence-based information, regarding my mother, her very odd eccentric behaviors and many memories we shared together. Having a reading with Marisa was like sitting down enjoying a cup of tea with my mother. I felt my mother through Marisa and am very blessed to have an opportunity to receive this lovely message from my mother. I highly recommend Marisa for any messages from beyond."

                     - Jaimie B.

                   Florida, U.S.A.

" Marisa is a genuine empath and ituitively connects to your Soul and Source. She brings through other realms of knowledge and provides helpful insight and uplifting messages. Her Auragraph reading for me was positive, with a bright light for the future. Thank you, Marisa!"

                   -Alyson Gannon

                    California, U.S.A.

"If you are looking for a medium, Marisa is your gal. Extremely gifted, fun, and down to earth! What I loved most about her reading was how she told the story of my loved one. Marisa was able to provide evidence that only the closest family members would have known. The reading was so accurate that I could have sworn my loved one was sitting right next to her chatting. She truly brought forward their spirit! Thank you. "

- Christene S.

New York, U.S.A.

"Marisa is a gem when it comes to her spiritual communications. Marisa has done two readings for me, and I was so impressed with her ability to connect with some of the more obscure loved ones in spirit. It was so wonderful to have them come through and bring messages of love, understanding, and guidance. 

Marisa is able to bring forth not just solid evidence that she's communicating with my loved ones, she is able to bring forth their essence as well. While describing what she is seeing, hearing, feeling, etc- she is able to reflect their mannerisms and personality so much so that I can feel them with me.

I highly recommend  Marisa for any intuitive or spiritual communication needs you are seeking. She has a very bright, caring spirit and a very caring heart. These qualities combined with her intuitive abilities make her an exceptional psychic and spirit communicator. "

-Christie K.

Minnesota, U.S.A.

" A psychic or mediumship reading with Marisa is a true joy and experience in healing. The way she receives information symbolically always helps me to see what's happening in a new way so that I can use the insights to move forward in my life from a place of confidence and love."

-Heather I.

Seattle, WA, USA

" I considered a reading with a medium  for years, but never took the leap. After a particularly bad year full of loss, I am so glad I decided to contact Marisa. Both my Grandfather and my best friend stopped by to chat, which provided a sense of comfort and closure. She mentioned super specific things that no one else would know. If you are on the fence about a reading, consider this your sign!"


Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

"Unique, heartfelt, accurate, and inspiring;

these are a few of the words to desribe my experience with The Ladybug Line 's SELF VISITATION BOX service. I especially enjoyed the way Marisa stayed in touch, following up on what my focus was was for the full 4 weeks. The exercises she provided were fun, insightful, and thought provoking. What a delight to be reminded that we can take care of  ourselves~ first. I recommend this creative approach to receiving guidance that supports what your heart calls for!"


Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.


Wow! Thank you for sharing your gift of Spirit and insight with stunning accuracy through the use of poetry and color. My message is a hard wake up call from Spirit delivered through the tender channel you are~ that I hope we all can strive to be.

-Denise, N.Y.


Thank you so much for the beautiful and resonate message. Your beautiful, bubbly energy filled the space between and around us. I will be thinking of  our time for days to come.

-Megan, N.Y.

My rating: def 10 stars, if I can rate it! During my reading I felt very in tune and also felt my loved one's presence. It gave me closure. Def hitting the nail on the head with everything that was said. Def recommend a reading with Marisa!

-Jeni, N.Y.

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