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      Channeled & Psychic
          Soul Insights:
Poetry and Prose                Readings

Sources of Higher Vibration have so many unique ways to speak to us! Find out what messages come through for you, in written form. These readings come in as poetry, short stories,  songs, and-well, however it is meant to! I request insights for your Soul's greatest good, and off we go into the wonderful unknown! I use this technique for myself and it never ceases to amaze me!

These are emailed to you in PDF format, along with a write up of your current colors, and what they represent for you at this time. I also love mailing the hard copy to your mailing address, when remote readings are done! Can't go wrong with a personal soul poem shaded with crayons, in my opinion! 

This service is in person or via video.

I write for about 20-30 minutes, then expand on what the words are showing me for you.


This service is popular for private parties, events and fairs. I just love sending people home with these!


 Whole World In Your Hand:
     Intuitive Art Readings

 There are many unique ways to do what are commonly called "auragraph" readings. I personally use watercolor pencils to present your reading through colorful images, symbols, and some simple words. After I'm done drawing, we go over what the presented images bring through for your reading. A short channeled message from Spirit~ just for you~ is handwritten on the back.

 While the typical way if doing this type of reading is within a circle, I (shocker) do it a bit differently! :)

24 hours prior to our booked session, I will need you to email me a photograph of an outline of whichever hand (of yours) you choose. Doing these artistic readings within the outline of your actual hand ends up being really cool and uniquely personal. These are traced by me onto watercolor paper, and the magic begins!

Each piece is placed in a clear protective cover once finished.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be some amazing artist, but that is what makes these so fun- the magic is in the story that unfolds, not the talent in the drawing. :) 

This service is in person or via video. If done remotely,

a photo will be emailed afterwards, and the original hard copy snail mailed upon request.

This reading style can be combined with the written reading- your very own illustrated "story", if you will! This combo is a 2 hour session, and is truly a powerful reading that can be referred back to for years to come.

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Messages from Your Guides

 Find out what wisdom your Guides wish to share with you! No matter what is happening in your life, this cast of characters always have gentle ways of helping us all along our way. Guides come in all shapes and sizes, from ethereal beings to caterpillars! 


      Mediumship Readings
Animal Communication Sessions

  I am honored to humbly  invite your Loved Ones in Spirit to come have a Mediumship Session with us. Please understand that I do not make it a practice of requesting specific visitations. I believe it is most respectful to demonstrate complete trust that Spirit knows when to show up in the right time. Who will come hang out with us? We may even hear from a beloved pet in spirit!


These readings are a powerful step on the healing path, reminding us that love and connection continue on, in a new and beautiful way. Spirit brings through evidential messages of this through memories, physical traits, personalities, and reference to things currently happening for you- just to name a few.

I don't think my mind will ever stop being wowed by how amazing this form of communication is.


I also offer Animal Communication Sessions, should you wish to hear what your current animal companions- or wildlife visitors- want to share with you! These can be done remotely with just a photograph, followed by a 45 minute phone or video session to go over what what shared between us during my inquiry. At this time, any further questions are welcome! This portion of the reading is equally important, as new insights always arise. 


Self -Visitation Box

Life is busy, and we all are guilty of forgetting to "sit with ourselves" - I know I am! That is why I decided this would be a cool thing to offer. Once a week, for 4 weeks, I'll send a fun exercise intuitively curated just for YOU!. You'd be surprised how much "lighter" life feels, when you visit with your own soul regularly! I encourage my clients to feel free to share their experience for each exercise with me if they feel comfortable doing so, and questions are always welcomed. I provide the option of 15 minute sharing sessions for each week's adventure, which can be done by email, zoom, or phone at no extra cost.

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